We Can All Be Superheroes

I have never really been one for superheroes until I saw “Wonder Woman” at the cinema last year.  It is probably my favourite movie now.  It inspires me and moves me every time I watch it (and yes, I have watched it quite a few times!).

My favourite scene in the movie is when Diana is told that she couldn’t save the people in No Man’s Land because no one goes there and survives.  Diana doesn’t take no for an answer but instead goes where no one has gone before and did what she was told she couldn’t.  She didn’t let the negativity and doubts of others stop her; she saw what needed to be done and she did it.  She was brave, fearless, driven; she knew her purpose and nothing was going to stand in the way of what she had been called to do.  She spent years preparing for that moment; her destiny, and nothing was going to derail her from her mission.


One of my personal superheroes is my sister.  She passed away 14 years ago this month from Huntingdon’s Disease.  This hideous disease eventually robbed her of her ability to walk and talk, to feed herself and shower.  All the things we take for granted.  But the amazing thing about Shelley was her attitude.  Sure, she had some awful days, but she refused to lie down and give up.  She encouraged everyone around her; she put others first and cared more about what others were going through than what was happening for her.  Even in her final days, she showed love and care for others as best she could.  She really is a superhero. 

The crazy thing is, we can all be superheroes.  We don’t need special powers or abilities, and we don’t need to be Amazons, or have an incurable disease.  We can be superheroes every single day in many ways.  Big ways or small ways, it all counts.  We can be superheroes when we model patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and unconditional love.  We can be superheroes when we choose kindness and tolerance instead of anger and gossip.  We can be superheroes when we believe in our children, especially during the tough times where there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel, and when they might not be doing so well.  We can be superheroes when we are quick to apologise when frustration, exhaustion and the curveballs life throws at us get on top of us and we respond in ways we normally wouldn’t …after all, we are only human and we all make mistakes! 

We have the choice.  We have the choice to refuse to let the challenges of life derail us.  We have the choice to get up again and again and again if we must, and not let anything stop us or stand in our way.  And while sometimes it can be difficult, and we won’t always get it right, each time we choose to be a superhero we make a difference to the world around us and inspire those around us to be world changers and make a difference too.FB_IMG_1497611493251


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